First Annual ASPC Diversity and Inclusion Communication Awards

The business case for diversity and inclusion (D&I) gets stronger each year as more organizations realize the benefits of cultivating a culture that leverages diversity in order to build higher-performing teams of individuals whose differences lead to more constructive dialogue and more innovative thinking about how best to serve diverse constituencies. And strong D&I communications programs – including annual D&I reports, history and heritage month programs, social media campaigns, advertising, thought leadership and more – bring transparency to this effort while giving organizations the opportunity to make important statements about their investments, their culture and their shared values to customers, business partners, community leaders, and current and prospective employees.

New for 2017, we have launched the First Annual ASPC Diversity and Inclusion Communication Awards program, which seeks to recognize those organizations and champions whose communication efforts most effectively advance their D&I message and tell their D&I stories.

Our program will honor the top entries in the following categories:

  • D&I Annual Report – Your most-recent report documenting your organization’s commitment to cultivating a diverse and inclusive environment.
  • Heritage and History Month Campaigns – We will honor the best campaigns for both an individual month and the full-year efforts of organizations that have built out their heritage and history month communications to become a major plank of their overall D&I communications efforts.
  • Comprehensive D&I Communications Strategy – This category takes a holistic look at your organization’s approach to D&I communications and all of the ways you seek to engage employees and other stakeholders in an ongoing conversation about D&I as it relates to your culture, your business objectives and your efforts to serve your various constituencies.
  • Thought Leadership – We will honor the best of the best in speeches, op-eds, blogs or other forums featuring bold, brave, inspiring and original thinking related to diversity and inclusion.
  • D&I Communications Champion – This is your opportunity to nominate someone from within your organization for their leadership to advance the cause of D&I within your institutional culture and/or beyond. Your nominee could be your organization’s CEO, Chief Diversity Officer, Chief HR Officer or another member of the C-Suite … or it could be any other employee or board member representing your organization who has worked tirelessly to tell your D&I story and to spread your D&I message to great effect internally and/or externally.

The entry period for the First Annual ASPC Diversity & Inclusion Communication Awards is now closed. Honorees will be notified in late February, and winners will be publicly announced in early March 2018.

For more information:
Diversity and Inclusion Communication Awards FAQ

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