ASPC Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report Awards

The business case for diversity and inclusion (D&I) gets stronger each year as more organizations realize the benefits of cultivating a culture that leverages diversity in order to build higher-performing teams of individuals whose differences lead to more constructive dialogue and more innovative thinking about how best to serve diverse constituencies. And annual D&I reports bring transparency to this effort while giving organizations the opportunity to make important statements about their investments, their culture and their shared values to customers, business partners, community leaders, and current and prospective employees.

New for 2016, the ASPC Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report Awards seek to recognize those organizations whose reports most effectively tell their D&I stories. Focused on the achievements of the professional communicators who produce these reports, our program does not aim to judge the merits of an organization’s D&I program, but rather the quality of their annual D&I report based on individual circumstances and the final product relative to current best practices in D&I reporting.

We will issue our call for entries for the 2016 ASPC Diversity and Inclusion Annual Report Awards in early November 2016.

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